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The rules are pretty easy but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email the league at The commissioner will make the final decision on all disputes.

How To Play:

Picksheet Pool:

We will post the Picksheet every week at least a day before the first game. All of the games will be listed on this Picksheet with the weeks spreads. You simply pick the team that you think we cover this spread.

The Picksheet itself will have 3 areas that need to be filled in:

  • Check the box next to the teams name that you think will cover the spread
  • Enter the Monday Night Football (MNF) total combined score between the 2 teams.
  • Choose your Survivor pick from the drop down box.

Survivor Pool:

Some may know this pool as a suicide pool but the rules are the same. You pick the team that you think will win the game outright (with no spread). Once you pick a team you can never use that team again. If your team wins, you advance to the next week. If your team loses you are out of this pool for the season. TIES ADVANCE.

MNF Box Pool:

This is a Monday Night Football (MNF) Pool that will allow the members another opportunity to win. Even if you didn't have the greatest week with the picksheet you still have a chance to win. The way it works is easy. After all of the Sunday games you can look in the weekly standing and see what place you are in (record and TBA). This number next to your name will be your box number in the MNF pool. So if you are in 23 place, you will have the 23 box in the MNF Box Pool. This pool works exactly like a Super bowl box pool and the final score only will determine the winner.

TBA (Tie Breaker Average):

This is the average of your Monday night football points. If you think total points will be 40 and it is 41 your TBA is 1. Next week if you think the total points are 40 and it is 45 then you average the 2 weeks and your TBA is 3. This will determine season and weekly standings for players that are tied with wins.


The spreads are taken from the New York Post and a half point is added when necessary to eliminate a tie from happening. Everyone is playing against the same spread so we do not want to hear that a spread is different in your paper.



Based off of the Picksheet, this will be awarded to the player with the most wins for the week. In the case of a tie, your MNF points will determine the winner. If your MNF points are the same, the tiebreaker average (TBA) will be used.

SEASON PICKSHEET: 1st place: 3500 Points, 2nd place: 1000 Points, 3rd place: 500 points

Top 3 on the season takes home a prize. In the case of a tie your TBA will determine the winner.

SURVIVOR: 3500 Points

Winner takes all. In the case of a tie the prize will be split.

MONDAY NIGHT BOX: 100 points

This weekly winner will be determined by the final score of the Monday Night Football (MNF) game. If you have box 23 and your numbers are AFC 4 and NFC 7 and the final score matches up (AFC 14, NFC 7/ AFC 34, NFC 27) you win.